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Tara Green


Sustainable Development of Tara Watergate

Introducing our concept of eco-tourism in Sri Lanka. As an initial step, all our guests can enjoy traditional Sri Lankan cuisine made from ingredients from our very own organic farms. We also provide guided tours to the farms to show our guests how we have minimized our carbon footprint and provide cooking lessons in a truly traditional style.

Our guests can indulge in traditional Sri Lankan cuisine in the comfort of our restaurant.

Wondering what eco-farming and agritourism hype is all about?

At Tara Watergate hotel, we give the agricultural experience of a farmer’s life, along with traditional harvesting and cultivating in our organic farms. For example, there is a rice field, we grow peanuts, mung beans (a.k.a. green gram), chillies, coconut, jack fruit, mango, passion fruit and much more. Some of these veggies and fruits are seasonal, however, we harvest throughout the year. In Sri Lanka, cultivation is divided into two main seasons; namely, Yala.
We take delight in introducing our freshly plucked fruits and vegetables from our own gardens and also support those who grow in the Tissamaharama area too. We have our own paddy field where we source the local staple, rice, to our menu. These local ingredients are further utilized to provide cooking lessons to our guests in a truly traditional Sri Lankan styled kitchen concept too. (Read more details here)
TARA Watergate is situated surrounded by nature and we pledge to make sure that we take care of our surroundings. We have taken measures to minimize our carbon footprint by recycling wastewater to use for our fruit.
We also create job opportunities for locals in the area, in turn supporting them to build their careers and families. We also extend our corporate social responsibility by looking into the welfare of low-income families in the area.