Enjoy Generous Hospitality at the Hotel

Enjoy our unstinting hospitality with the best quality of service being our unique selling point. We have dedicated staff who adhere to all health and safety guidelines and ensure that your needs are well looked after from check-in to check-out at Tara Watergate.
We also firmly believe in continuously training our current staff and in giving opportunities to young people who would like to grow in their career in the hospitality industry too.
Here’s an insight into some of the amazing services we offer:

Dining yala forest


We offer an eclectic cuisine that reflects a mix of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine as well as international dishes prepared to the highest of the standard by our chefs. The mouthwatering menu features seasonally available local ingredients and spices, complemented by our own homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables. Special dietary needs can be catered to along with our recommendations of healthy food too. (advance notice when booking with us, would help us prepare to give you the best!) Our dining experience is combined with a beautiful ambience, and an element of surprise with the aroma of food and a mix of warmth in hospitality to leave you satisfied and longing for more. Our staff would be more than happy to serve your meals in the comfort of your rooms as well.
Tuk Tuk Service yala forest

Tuk Tuk Service

Our famous ‘Tuk Tuk’ rides in Sri Lanka can be arranged with safe and authorized riders who are known to the hotel. There are several lake tours as well as bat watching tours that can be relished as you go around with the air blowing in your faces and enjoying our three-wheel drives.
Candle Light Dinner yala forest

Candle Light Dinner

A private dinner in the fresh air makes an enchanting celebration at our deck near the lake. A perfectly planned candlelit dinner under the stars and a customized cuisine for a special occasion would be a great way to reminisce memories with your loved ones.

You can take in the view of the lake, as you relax with the lanterns, candles and wine or any setup that would make it personal and exquisite for a romantic night.
Sri Lankan Traditional High Tea yala forest

Sri Lankan Traditional High Tea

With the famous high tea, we have our own touch of traditional ‘sweetmeats’ which are added in to bring a Sri Lankan experience of a good cuppa of Ceylon tea. A combination of Sri Lankan delicacies with the classic English high tea items brings about a good balance of choice for anyone who loves their food and would love to experiment with different tastes.

Indulging in our high tea experience, we offer a relaxing and magnificent view of the lake from the comfort of your room or in the landscaped garden.
Safari Jeep Hires yala forest

Safari Jeep Hires

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? We have a set of safari tours, lined up to the wildlife national parks in Bundala, Yala National Park and Udawalawa, with experienced drivers at reasonable pricing. Our staff will arrange early breakfast and help to prep up for the tour with the equipment necessary.

We believe in safeguarding our wildlife and not disturbing the natural order of the environment as we take our guests on safaris.
Ayurvedic Wellness Treatments yala forest

Ayurvedic Wellness Treatments

Embark on a wellness journey with our ayurvedic spa treatments, to relax and revitalize your mind, body
and soul, with a head massage or foot massage