Village Lunch

Village Lunch wild yala

Village Lunch

Our guests at TARA Watergate Hotel,can indulge in traditional Sri Lankan cuisine with the experience of a village lunch and getting to witness wood fire cooking (a.k.a. dara lipa in Sinhala) in clay pots.

Being in the kitchen allows you to absorb the amazing aroma of the food,watching how the actual process of the most mouth-watering Sri Lankan food and getting to sit under a mango tree along with a pot of tea with kithul jaggery.(Kithul Jaggery is made of treacle harvested off the variety of Palm by the name of Caryota urens)

We love our pol sambol (a condiment made out of freshly grated coconut and chilli),which is a favourite staple right around Sri Lanka that is eaten with bread,manioc or even just simple rice and curry,whichyou can try and many other delectable dishes with Sri Lankan spices!

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Rates: USD 7 per person

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