Cycling in the village

Cycling in the village wild yala

Cycling in the village

Who loves the breeze and freedom when cycling your way through nature and amazing trails in the village?Are you a writer who loves a fresh perspective?

We have the answer for it – a tour on your own with a free bicycle provided by our hotel.Whether it be just for exercise,a quick cycle to see what"s around Tissamaharama,you can choose what you want to do during your tour and maybe even blog about your travels.

Ride along a gravel road ,passing by village dwellings and buffalos with birds perched on their heads,starting from the hotel premises.The trill of the birds will give a natural soundtrack as you cycle through the rice fields and adjacent bushes.

While the cycling trip itself is beautiful,the one-on-one connection with the local folks of the village is what makes this experience truly special.

Our staff at TARA Watergate Hotel,are available for guidance on the areas to go for a cycle ride and ever ready to give you a welcome back with special cuisines on request to treat your famished self after a breathtaking experience.

Rates: Free bicycle provided

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