Our Story

TARA Watergate is a brand new hotel situated in outstanding panoramic settings of Tissa lake, the paddy fields and ancient Tissa Stupa. The distinguished character of the surroundings of our hotel, with softer landscape, gently undulating banks of the lake and adorned cultivation guarantees our guests enjoy a relaxing time, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life!

The location of the hotel is unique to TARA Watergate. Situated amidst a rural village of southern Sri Lanka, visitors have 1st hand experience the simple way of life of the villagers. You can also cycle around the scenic routes through and around the village. Or make a trip to Kirinda beach, Yala safari park and the ancient city of Kataragama.

Architecturally designed TARA Watergate hotel is oozing with character. You will find 14 rooms including 4 chalets, a restaurant specializing in local and international cuisine, and an infinity swimming pool overlooking the magnificent Tissa lake.

Sustainable Development of TARA Watergate

Freshly grown fruits and vegetables

At TARA Watergate we take pride in serving you delicious dishes prepared from fruits and vegetables freshly plucked from our own garden or supplied from the Thissamaharama area. We also have our own paddy field where we source the local staple, rice, to our menu.

Reducing our carbon footprint

TARA Watergate is situated surrounded by nature. We have taken measures to reduce our impact on nature by recycling waste water to use for our fruit & vegetable garden, food waste as compost fertilizer. The hotel also features hot water heated by solar power.

Giving back to our community

TARA Watergate has created many job opportunities for the locals. We also donate dry rations to low income families in the area.