Safari - Tarawatergate Hotel Thissamaharama

Scenic Beauty

Scenic Beauty - Tarawatergate Hotel Thissamaharama

Luxury Rooms

Luxury Rooms - Tarawatergate Hotel Thissamaharama

Delicious Food

Delicious Food - Tarawatergate Hotel Thissamaharama

Unique and Boutique

Stay at TARA WATERGATE, a brand-new, boutique and luxury hotel. We are located on the banks of the magnificent Tissa lake. Stay with is to enjoy the morning singing of the wild birds or to watch the Sunset in the backdrop of magnificent Tissa Lake and the historic Tissamaharama stupa and much more.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, TARA WATERGATE gives you an excellent base to enjoy pure and undisturbed wildlife of Sri Lanka, especially at the YALA nature reserve.

All of this unforgettable experience comes with luxury and our unwavering hospitality- after all, this is what the Sri Lankans are most famous for!. You can also enjoy delicious and authentic Sri Lankan meals at our restaurants or order room service to enjoy our culinary treats at your own comfort.


Special Packages

Dinner-Beneath-the-stars - Tarawatergate Hotel Thissamaharama

Dinner Beneath the stars

Enjoy a private romantic candle lit dinner on our deck or garden with your significant other, under the shimmering night skies of Tissa.

Spacious Banquet Hall - Tarawatergate Hotel Thissamaharama

Spacious Banquet Hall

Corporate meetings, events and parties can be arranged in our spacious and luxurious banquet hall.

Destination Wedding - Tarawatergate Hotel Thissamaharama

Destination Wedding

Celebrate your special day on the banks of lake tissa with the serene back drop of nature, all while enjoying our luxurious services.